29 March 2009

Photo Workshop Textures

We talked a bit about using textures at the photography workshop today. I love this picture and had fun experimenting with textures on it. Which one do you prefer? Please vote in the poll on the sidebar!
Picture A- Straight forward (a little moody blue feel)

Picture B-Subtle texture

Picture C-Lots of texture and warmth
I created the texture myself, but think it might be a keeper. What do you think.


Elizabeth said...

I'd love to learn photography one day! I guess I just have too much on my plate to add one more thing so I'll have to pay others to do it for me:)

The Hess' said...

So what exactly did you do in PS to get the picture that way? PLEASE FILL US IN!!!!! THANKS... #3 looks GREAT!

JennyG said...

Love the texture - if you don't mind me asking, how did you create it? I'm a PS addict! Thanks!