26 May 2009

I heart Silhouettes

My daughter and friend on the trampoline. The theme this week at I <3 Faces is silhouettes. I was glad to catch the sunflare. In editing I intensified the color just a little to add some interest. I love your feedback!

11 May 2009

I {heart} Laughing Children

This is my entry for this week's I {heart} faces photo contest.  The theme is laughter.  And the Pioneer Woman is judging!  This is a cute little girl I got to photograph at my workshop a few weeks back(see previous posts).  I appreciate feedback, since I'm pretty new to photography that isn't on auto, and adding texture, etc. to the photos.  It seems that my photos have a different quality when I post them here.  Should I be resizing them for the web?  Thanks for stopping by!

04 May 2009

Handsome in a Hat

How cute is this little guy (my nephew) only a few months old?  I thought the hat was too adorable, so I'm entering this shot in this week's contest over at...
The theme is hats!

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